About Us

As an online fashion store of special occasion gowns, www.wikiprom.co.uk was founded by women for women. Our goal is to offer high-quality evening dresses with original designs at reasonable prices. Motivated by a love of special occasions like weddings and holidays. In 2022, www.wikiprom.co.uk established the brand online. We provide high-quality prom dresses for more than 20 countries. 

To create our classic, feminine styles, we meticulously select the greatest quality fabrics. The design of our collections spares no detail. All of our products come in more than 10 different colors and more than 30 different styles. Our design reflects key trends and gives you the courage to exhibit your uniqueness.

You are well taken care of at every stage by our welcoming customer focus. Reach out to us if you have any questions or comments; we are pleased to assist. E-mail address: service@wikiprom.co.uk